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Bladeless Trocar

Boer disposable bladeless trocar is made of medical grade metal, plastic, ABS and silicon. The channel tube is made tooth patterned to hold still to the abdominal wall while the procedure is taking place. The silicon valve in the trocar can stop air circulation so the pneumascos can last.

Features of Laparoscopic Bladeless Trocar

Laparoscopic Bladeless Trocar Features

Boer endoscopic non bladed trocar has different sizes, 5mm, 10mm and 12mm, it can be single packed or set packed as request. All prodcuts are steriled.

Features & Benefits

two layers seal system, double insurance for airproof

universal-valve option accepts all laparoscopic instruments

ergonomic designed handle ensures ease insertion

Specification of Laparoscopic Bladeless Trocar

Product Name Disposable laparoscopic bladeless trocar

Type 5mm/10mm/12mm

Single Packing 5.2*12*25cm

Material Metal/Plastic/ABS/Silicon

Port Ningbo/Shanghai

Boer Medical provides minimally invasive medical devices, endo clinch 5mm, bladeless obturator, minimally invasive surgery equipment, etc. Want to know bladeless trocar use or more, contact us.

  • Bladeless Trocar

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