Compressor Quincy QP Pro 10-HP 120-Gallon Pressure Lubricated Two-Stage Air Compressor (230V 3-Phase)

Fully Pressure Lubricated 2-Stage Compressor: Allows smooth, continuous operation, Pressurized oil means less wear on critical components, Gerator Positive Displacement Oil Pump: Provides pressure lube to crankshaft, bearings, & rods, Up to 15% longer life than splash-lubricated units, Spin-On Oil Filter: Lengthens compressor life & improves reliability, Stainless Steel Reed Valves With Valve Bumpers: Maximum strength & volumetric efficiency, Graphite Cylinder & Head Gaskets: Provide positive sealing integrity, Electronically Balanced Fan-Type Cast Iron Flywheel: Delivers powerful cooling to intercooler, cylinder, & heads, Cast Iron Cylinders, High-Efficiency Fin & Tube Intercooler: Maintains rigid tolerances for high efficiency, Reduces interstage temperature for max performance & durability, One Year Factory Warranty: Extends with Quincy registration & kit listed under Specs tab, Built To Order: takes up to 10 business days to ship from Quincy, Quincy Part #: 2020019301 - Quincy Model #: 3103DS12HCA23:

  • Fully Pressure Lubricated 2-Stage Compressor

  • Gerator Positive Displacement Oil Pump

  • Spin-On Oil Filter

  • Stainless Steel Reed Valves With Valve Bumpers

  • Graphite Cylinder & Head Gaskets

Quincy QP Pro 10-HP 120-Gallon Pressure Lubricated Two-Stage Air Compressor (230V 3-Phase) Specifications:

  • Input Voltage (V)
    230 Volt AC
  • phase
  • power (hp)
  • Capacity FAD (cfm)
  • Pressure (psi)
  • Type
  • Tank size (US Gallon)


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