Compressor Rolair 2-HP 4-Gallon Twin Stack Air Compressor

Low Speed 2 HP Motor: Runs at 1700 RPM, much quieter than other compressors, Cooler running so it lasts longer, Cast Iron Cylinder: Durable & reliable construction includes stainless reed valves, Industrial grade ball bearings for greater durability, Intake filter silencer helps compressor run quietly, 100% Duty Cycle: S1-rated for continuous duty; low-amp draw for demanding work, 4.2 Gallon Air Reserve: Two 2-gallon tanks take 1.25 minutes to fill; .21 to recover, Rated to 125 PSI maximum, 4.8 CFM At 40 PSI; 4.2 At 90 PSI: Powers many hand tools; inflates tires & sports balls, Weighs 68 Pounds: Easy to transport & store, Draws 13.5 Amps: Works on household 115V single phase outlets, Ball Valve Tank Drain: Simplifies maintenance to help prevent rust,

  • Low Speed 2 HP Motor

  • Cast Iron Cylinder

  • 100% Duty Cycle

  • 4.2 Gallon Air Reserve

  • 4.8 CFM At 40 PSI; 4.2 At 90 PSI

Rolair 2-HP 4-Gallon Twin Stack Air Compressor Specifications:

  • Input Voltage (V)
    115 Volt AC
  • phase
  • power (hp)
  • Capacity FAD (cfm)
  • Pressure (psi)
  • Type
  • Tank size (US Gallon)


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