Compressor Sullair ShopTek ST410RD 5-HP 80-Gallon Performance Rotary Screw Air Compressor w/ Dryer & Filter (230V 1-Phase 150PSI)

Simple, Compact & Quiet Performance Air System: Small footprint sound enclosure removes easily for fast servicing, Design delivers 66DbA sound level with extremely low maintenance, Patented Rotor Design: Bearing fluid reservoirs ensure maximum lifespan, Factory-filled with Sullube biodegradable 10,000 hour lubricant to protect & clean moving parts, Energy Efficient Single Phase Motor: Premium IEC TEFC motor is standard; V-belt drive delivers maximum output with minimum power consumption, Environmentally Friendly Refrigerated Dryer: Removes condensation to provide clean air & eliminate corrosion, Oversized demister separator with dew point indicator and easy drain access, 80-Gallon Air Receiver: Standard pressure relief and ball valve are included, ASME / CRN approval rated tank; 150 PSI maximum, Intelligent Electronic Controls: Microprocessor control has simple user interface with clear & concise graphic display, Displays essential parameters and ensures uniform operation & uninterrupted production, High Efficiency & Heavy-Duty General Air Filter: Protects key components and enhances compressor air quality, 99% efficient at 4.9 microns delivers clean air system and tools, High efficiency removes particles down to 1.0 micron; also helps remove coalesced liquids & lubricants, 1-Year Factory Warranty: 5-year Emerald Factory Warranty requires Authorized Distributor Startup (additional charge),

  • Simple, Compact & Quiet Performance Air System

  • Patented Rotor Design

  • Energy Efficient Single Phase Motor

  • Environmentally Friendly Refrigerated Dryer

  • 80-Gallon Air Receiver

Sullair ShopTek ST410RD 5-HP 80-Gallon Performance Rotary Screw Air Compressor w/ Dryer & Filter (230V 1-Phase 150PSI) Specifications:

  • Input Voltage (V)
    230 Volt AC
  • phase
  • power (hp)
  • Capacity FAD (cfm)
  • Pressure (psi)
  • Type
  • Tank size (US Gallon)


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