Medium-Voltage Regulators 2.4kv-Cooper Power™ series VR-32

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Eaton's Cooper Power series voltage regulators provide state-of-the-art voltage regulation by utilizing the advanced CL-7 voltage regulator control and Quik-drive tap changers. The combination of advanced control technology and the fast response tap-changer apparatus is unparalleled in the industry.

  • CL-7 control

  • Quik-Drive tap changer operating 32 steps in under 10 seconds

  • Position indicator made from corrosion resistant polymer

  • Upper filter press connection

2.4kv-Cooper Power™ series VR-32 Specifications:

  • Frequency (Hz)

    50 / 60
  • phase

  • Voltage Up to (kV)

  • Basic Impulse Level, BIL (kV)

    60 kV
  • Rated power (KVA)