Hyosung Heavy Industries' DC motors DC Motors

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Hyosung Heavy Industries' DC motors have a square lamination system that has high-quality and reliability for fast and accurate responsiveness, wide speed selection range, low vibration and noise, convenient inspection, various mounting and high environmental resistance.

  • Applies H-class insulation to the stator and armature Adopts a high-class commutator and brush Polyester-based varnish vacuum impregnation

  • Adopts IEC 34 standard specifications Various cooling methods and protection classes Easy speed control and good torque characteristics

DC Motors Specifications:

  • Degree of protection
    IP23S, IP44, IP54
  • Max. Power (kW)
  • Cooling method
    IC06, IC01, IC17, IC37, IC410, IC416, IC666, IC86W
  • MIN. power (Kw)
Hyosung Heavy Industries

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