High Voltage Motor IEC Standard Motor(HV)

Hyosung’s IEC standard motors feature excellent insulation systems and strict process controls and quality management that allow for a low vibration and noise structure design. Its double cage rotor structure and special varnish finishing, as well as adherence to international standards (e.g., IEC, NEMA, and IEEE), allow the motor to run perfectly under various load conditions including a condition with a wide moment of inertia.

  • Excellent insulation system (Hyosung class F Supact Insulation System)

  • Special cage rotor structure suitable for various load conditions (double cage, deep-slot cage type)

  • Low vibration and noise structure design (ANSYS & NASTRAN)

  • Optimum design through electromagnetic and flow analysis (C.F.X & FLUX 2D)

IEC Standard Motor(HV) Specifications:

  • Max No. poles
  • Max power (MW)
  • Max voltage (KV)
Hyosung Heavy Industries

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