Plate-and-shell heat exchanger DuroShell

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Alfa Laval DuroShell is a specially engineered plate-and-shell heat exchanger ideal for demanding duties and corrosive media. Able to withstand fatigue even at high temperatures and pressures, DuroShell outperforms not only traditional heat exchangers, but also conventional plate-and-shell designs.

  • More uptime and longer life due to greater fatigue resistance

  • Higher operating pressures thanks to robust, patented construction

  • Operational gains created by 15–20 % higher thermal efficiency

  • Installation savings through even more compact, lightweight design

  • Greater reliability as a result of closed, fully welded construction

DuroShell Specifications:

  • Fluid
    Liquids, gases and two-phase mixtures
  • Industries
    Marine industry, Power industry, Petrochemical industry
  • Max. Design Temperature (C)
  • Min. Design Temperature (C)
  • Max. Design Pressure (bar)
  • Min. Design Pressure (bar)
  • Plate Material
    316L SST
  • Max. Heat transfer area (m^2)
  • Shell Material
    Carbon steel gr60 (painted) - 316L stainless steel (not painted)
Alfa Laval Corporate AB

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