Scraped surface heat exchangers Contherm®

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In scraped-surface heat exchanger applications, the product enters the cylinder at the bottom and flows upwards. The heating or cooling medium travels in a counter-current flow through a narrow annular channel.

Rotating blades continuously remove product from the cylinder wall to ensure uniform heat transfer. The product enters the cylinder in a corkscrew pattern in the same direction as the rotating scraping assembly. This preserves product quality by reducing shear, providing gentler product handling and reduced pressure drop across the inlet. Finally, the product exits the cylinder at the top.

Both product flow and rotor speed can be adjusted to suit the particular properties of the product in the cylinder.

  • Versatile solution that can handle particles up to 36 mm and viscosities well in excess of 50,000 cP.

  • Easy-to-clean design can flexibly transition between products with limited downtime.

  • Multiple material options ensure efficient heat transfer and reliable mechanical performance.

  • Flexible installation with horizontal or vertical configuration to meet space limitations.

  • Vertical installations include a built-in hydraulic system that allows for fast and safe inspection with low service costs.

Contherm® Specifications:

  • Industries
    Biotech and Pharmaceuticals, Food and beverage, Agriculture
  • Max. Heat transfer area (m^2)
  • Max. Design Temperature (C)
  • Min. Design Temperature (C)
  • Max. Design Pressure (bar)
  • Min. Design Pressure (bar)
  • Heat Transfer Surface Material
    316 L stainless steel
  • Scraping Blade Material
    Alfalon® III - Nylon - Teflon
Alfa Laval Corporate AB

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