Kaplan bulb turbine Type B

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Ossberger has been for decades the technological leader in the field of small scale hydro power for its customers’ benefit. This holds true at the same time for the hydraulic turbine, the turbine regulation, the control system as well as for the automatic trash rack cleaning machine. Power unit design and construction is always a balancing act: Individual units must be offered at favorable costs for different potential forms of energy. This has been perfected by Ossberger, by using standardized components.

  • This further development of construction type A is outstanding for the use of a permanent-magnetexcited synchronous generator (PMG)

  • The generator rotor is mounted onto the turbine shaft, therefore one set of bearings is eliminated

  • As the stator is located inside the turbine bulb and surrounded by water, optimum cooling is provided

  • Type B means the construction of this turbine is different (for further info, please check the catalogue)

Type B Specifications:

  • Max head (m)
  • Power (kW)
  • Min head (m)

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