Dynamax boiler Dynamax 750

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DynaMax small industrial boilers are a perfect solution for small steam users. The unique and innovative design of these boilers solves all critical problems which are usually faced by small steam users. Dynamax boilers are compact, efficient oil and gas fired packaged boilers. These boilers offer substantial savings as compared to coil type boilers. Designed and manufactured conforming to the IBR code, these are the most compact and efficient shell type industrial boilers available in the range. Dynamax boilers are extremely safe, fully automatic and user-friendly.

  • Dry steam at point of use provides superior heat exchange efficiencies in process due to reduced batch times

  • Fuel savings of 30% plus because of high efficiency and dryness fraction as compared to conventional coil type boilers

  • Low cost of ownership

  • Steady steam output at fluctuating loads due to steam space in the boiler

Dynamax 750 Specifications:

  • Fuel
    Oil, Gas
  • Pressure (bar)
  • Weight (lbs)
  • design
    Compact Three Pass Wet Back Boiler
  • Max. temperature (C)
  • Series
  • Efficiency (%)
  • Output Capacity (Kg/hr)
  • Boiler Output (kw)
Forbes Marshall Inc.

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