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From the beginning, Francis turbine development has always been synonymous with Voith. In 1873 Voith installed the first Francis turbine and had improved the original design by applying movable wicket gates for the control of the turbine. Thanks to continuous optimization over the years based on the latest hydrodynamic research, Voith developed the world’s largest and most powerful Francis turbines. Because of their wide range of applications, well over half the turbines manufactured by Voith are of the Francis type. We have successfully commissioned Francis turbines with runner diameters of up to 9 m and with outputs of up to 800 MW. Francis turbines are used primarily for medium heads up to 600 m and large flows. Their special hydraulic characteristics enable relatively high-speed compact units, right up to the highest power outputs.

  • Francis turbines are used primarily for medium heads and large flows applications

  • Their special hydraulic characteristics result in relatively high-speed compact units, right up to the largest capacities

  • Voith also supplies cost- effective Francis units in standardized designs and packages for small hydro plants

  • Numerical development methods linked to computer-aided manufacturing processes guarantee optimum hydraulic performance and reliability

  • Efficient and economical

FRANCIS Specifications:

  • Power (MW)
  • Max head (m)

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