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Arc furnace transformers deliver high currents over a wide range of voltages. Power ratings

between 10 to 300 MVA and secondary currents of more than 100 kA are quite common.

These AC or DC transformers have special features for handling the load requirements of

electrical arc furnaces, especially for very high load currents.

EAF Power Transformers: Designed for Specific Needs

GE's design is based on decades of experience, expert calculations and CAD tools. GE offers

electrical arc furnace power transformers that are precisely adapted to thermal,

mechanical and dielectric constraints. Our R&D experts validate all design and production

phases to ensure the suitability to specific harmonics and high currents in accordance with

your industrial requirements.

  • Customer-oriented solution

  • Life time of at least 30 years

  • More than 4 decades of field- proven experience

  • Among the highest rated EAF transformers available on the market

EAF Transformer Specifications:

  • Max. Available Power (kVA)
  • Max. Primary Voltage (V)
  • Max. Secondary Voltage (V)
General Electric (GE Power)


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