High Power Transformer GSU Generator step-up transformers

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Generator step-up transformers (GSU) are the critical link between the power station and the transmission network, often operated day and night at full load. They must be built to withstand extreme thermal loading without ageing prematurely. ABB have successfully passed the world's first and highest voltage short circuit test, on a 315 mega volt ampere (MVA), 765 kilovolt (kV) generator step up transformer (GSU). GSU take the voltage from the generator voltage level up to the suitable transmission voltage level. These transformers are located in a power station and are built as single-phase or three-phase units.

  • One global approach - bringing consistency, delivery performance and technology

  • Short circuit performance at twice the industry standard

GSU Generator step-up transformers Specifications:

  • Max. Available Power (kVA)
  • Max. Primary Voltage (V)
  • Max. Secondary Voltage (V)
ABB Motors and Mechanical Inc. (formerly Baldor Electric Company)


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