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800 kV UHVDC_transformers
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The increasing demand in recent decades of UHV (ultra-high voltage) DC transmission lines for high power transmission over very long distances
(greater than 1000km) has driven the need to developing UHVDC converter transformers technologies. ABB succeeded in developing and tested the world‘s first 1,100kV UHVDC converter transformer prototype, breaking the record for the highest DC voltage levels, in June 2012. Expanded power ratings of converter transformers leads to increased physical size, while the transport restrictions for transporting converter transformers remain the same. succeeded to develop these converter transformers with high power and voltage levels within narrow transport profiles.
Based on the HVDC converter
transformer development mainly for UHVDC a much greater flexibility of HVDC transmissions has been created. Nearly all conceivable rating combinations can be realized. The ultimate conclusion from this is that there is no limitation in what optimization can be made for future HVDC transmissions in terms of DCtransmission voltage or power level or to which AC network the HVDC transmission is connected
  • ABB’s top modern test facilities

  • Use of advanced simulation tools

  • 60 years of experience in commercial HVDC technology

Ultra high voltage Power transformer 800 kV UHVDC_transformers Specifications:

  • Max. Available Power (kVA)

  • Max. Primary Voltage (V)


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