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Did you know that - due to their functioning principle - Pelton turbines are also referred to as impulse turbines? It utilizes the water's kinetic energy and visually reminds one of a classic water wheel. Lester Pelton patented the turbine named after himself in 1880. Pelton turbines are excellently suited for very high net heads and relatively low water flows. It can be regulated easily and guarantees optimum degrees of efficiency in partial load operation. Due to the high net heads, the runner is subjected to extremely high stresses. This is why GLOBAL Hydro machines each runner from a single forged block consisting of premium alloys. Thus, GLOBAL Hydro provides a long-lasting, high-quality product.

  • Thus, GLOBAL Hydro provides a long-lasting, high-quality product

  • GLOBAL Hydro offers its Pelton turbines in a vertical or horizontal orientation.

  • GLOBAL Hydro offers this product with a runner diameter of max. 2,500 mm and a bucket widths of up to 600 mm

  • Pelton turbines are supplied with one to six jets and are available with inside nozzle adjustment

Pelton Specifications:

  • Power (MW)
  • Max head (m)
Global Hydro Energy GmbH

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