Mobile Generator Sets MGP 750

A mobile generator set is a mobile private generation system in which a truck or trailer is equipped with a power plant, alternator and other incidental equipment. These systems are effective as emergency power supplies in case of a disaster or large-scale power outage, and as temporary power sources for jobs such as power line installation or inspection. The outstanding features of Kawasaki gas turbines—compact and lightweight, no need for cooling water, and outstanding starting reliability—are truly ideal for mobile generator sets.

  • No Worries about Vibration or Noise

  • No Need for Cooling Water

  • Robust in Cold Weather

  • Proven High Reliability

  • Enables Parallel Operation

MGP 750 Specifications:

  • Fuel
    Kerosene, Diesel Oil
  • Power (kW)
  • Type
  • Freq. Deviation Transient (%)
  • Freq. Deviation Steady State (%)
  • Fuel Consumption Kerosene (liter/hr)
  • Fuel Consumption Diesel Oil (liter/hr)
Kawasaki Heavy Industries

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