Hydro Turbine Pelton

We are one of the few companies in the world using the know-how that is necessary for the realization of technically perfect deliveries of all important types of turbines, such as the Crossflow, Kaplan, Pelton and Francis turbines, up to a capacity of 10 MW per unit. Besides that, CINK Hydro-Energy specializes in the installation of hydropower stations in drinking water systems and holds several licences for that purpose. Each of our Hydro Turbines is tailor-made for a specific purpose and guarantees: High efficiency, Extremely long service life, High operational safety, Minimum maintenance requirements, and Low operating costs.

  • Horizontal or vertical arrangement

  • 1 up to 6-nozzle solution

  • For small and very variable quantities of water

  • Resistant to wear thanks to high resistance stainless steel (runner, nozzle body, jet and nozzle needle)

  • For long conduits and high pressure – design with a deflector

Pelton Specifications:

  • Max head (m)
  • Min head (m)
CINK Hydro - Energy k. s.

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