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Regulating & Pressure Reducing Valves Products

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Regulating & Pressure Reducing Valves for Sale


In commercial and residential systems, pressure regulating or lowering valves (PRVs) help manage downstream water pressure. Before leaving our facility, each water pressure regulating valve is thoroughly tested for quality and efficiency, ensuring that it will work reliably under pressure. Industrial Equipment is incomplete without Regulating & Pressure Reducing Valves. PRVs are made by a wide range of suppliers, and Linquip has a large selection of them for sale.


FAQs About Regulating & Pressure Reducing Valves:


How Much Does It Cost to Install Regulating and Pressure Reducing Valves?

The cost of a pressure-lowering valve begins at roughly $50. A skilled plumber will likely charge you approximately $350 to install a new pressure-lowering valve. The average cost of installing a pressure-reducing valve is $452, which includes the unit, materials, and labor. The typical cost of labor for installing a pressure-reducing valve is $40 per hour, and it takes 2 ½ hours. If the professional's standard price does not include hardware, you can add $100 to your material costs.


How Much Does It Cost to Adjust a Pressure Regulating Valve?

This includes planning, acquiring equipment and materials, preparing and protecting the workspace, as well as setup and cleanup. Adjusting a Pressure Regulator Valve costs $96.91 - $117 per valve for a basic project in zip code 47474 with 6 valves.


Do You Really Need a Pressure Reducing Valve?

A water pressure regulator is required if the water pressure going into your home from the city exceeds 80 psi. In a normal home, lowering the system pressure by 10 to 20 psi can save thousands of gallons each year. Our Regulating & Pressure Reducing Valve Experts can diagnose and solve simple problems for you (for free!).