Dr. Roopesh Kumar K E

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Karnataka, India

Technical Project Leader at Honeywell

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I have over 20+ years of experience in Materials Engineering specifically into the field of Polymers (Plastics and Elastomers / Rubbers). My project management skills and technical expertise have enabled me to Handled several projects concerning product design, development & analysis, Product regulatory compliance, vendor development, material characterization & analysis, product management etc. As a project management specialist into core mechanical engineering function, I had a great chance to coordinate with several functions such as Product design, supply chain, manufacturing, marketing and customer technical support to execute and deliver projects per schedules and comply and exceed the expectations set by the organizations.

Enabled substantial productivity and material savings for the organizations so far worked by implementation of six-sigma concepts such as lean processes, kaizens, RCA etc., As a Material Science professional, devised and developed several new materials for Aerospace applications that are efficient and cost effective.

Skills (Expertise):

Project management

Vendor Development

Multiple-PL Management, Global Supply Chain and Sourcing

Materials selection and analysis

Failure analysis

Technical analysis

Board Collaboration, Risk Mitigation, Regulatory Compliance


Project planning and management, coating formulation, test engineering

Owner: Roopesh Kumar K E

20 Jan 2019 - 30 Oct 2020. almost 2 years

Most of the coatings developed today for anti-icing applications are not robust to sustain the harsh environments of Aircraft during the flight. The anti-icing characteristics are being faded away over a period of time and making it ineffective. A tri-layer model of coating consisting of Cermets nano-particles immobilized / doped on conductive three dimensional Structured Graphene Metamaterial (SGM) which was homogeneously distributed into Urethane-PVDF matrix was devised. The doped SGM exhibit superior solar selectivity with omni directions solar absorption. The solar to thermal conversion efficiency was to a tune of 91.2%. The surfaces so prepared for anti-icing was quiet sufficient to keep away the deposition of moisture and subsequent conversion of it into ice in either of the 2 ways viz., solar to thermal conversion or by resistance heating. Further experiments on icing exhibited an average energy savings to a tune of around 65%. besides this, the coatings were robust.

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