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Trevor Riehs

California, United States

Independent Powur Solar Energy Consultant at Powur

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Hello My name is Trevor and I have been in the Solar Industry for about 5 years now and have recently made a change to become the CEO of my own Solar Company that offers the cheapest pricing in the industry, excellent customer service and the ability to help homeowners find the best solution! We also offer 25 year warranties with an option to extend to 30 years. I also have an Ambassador Program which works great for roofers, real estate and anyone looking to make some money on the side! It's Free to sign up and if you know anyone interested in Solar and obtain their utility bill you get paid $1,000 each deal installed! Ask me how to become an Ambassador!



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Solar Energy Consultant

Owner: Trevor Riehs

02 Nov 2020 - currently working. about 1 year

With launching my own Solar Business I was able to reduce the costs of her utility bills significantly and was a no brainer decision for her after getting multiple quotes with the amazing pricing I have. Right now the project is in permitting and expected to install the first week of December!

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