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Ali Izadi

Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom


As a senior aerothermal-design Engineer in Samad Power Ltd., I have over a decade of experience in gas turbines and turbomachinery. From my graduation in 2010 from University of Tehran, I have a demonstrated professional hands-on experience in a different range of gas turbine’s spectrum, from heavy-duty power generation to aero-derivative mechanical derive and micro scale ultra-high-speed ones such as microturbines and turbochargers. During this decade, I was deeply involved in analysis, design, and upgrade various turbomachinery/gas turbine-based products and upgrade projects worth over £1.0 billion cumulatively in Automotive, Oil and Gas, Energy, and Power Generation Sectors. In this respect, I was developed various analysis/design tools in different fidelity and disciplines to design and upgrade the performance of turbochargers, axial and radial turbines, turbine blade and vanes internal cooling and heat transfer, gas turbine secondary air system, and recently during the last 3 years in design and upgrade of the turbomachinery sub-assemblies (centrifugal compressor and radial turbine) of some micro gas turbine concepts. Based on them, I authored and published several papers in various related International conferences and Journals. Along with the technical issues, I learned management issues such as project/Program/Portfolio management, product development, risk assessment and management, critical thinking and collaborative problem solving, teamwork, collaboration, and effective communication as well as leadership issues during this decade. My passion is to learn to some extent that is required to be able to not only improve my critical thinking skills but also design realistic and actionable solutions for everyday problems and challenges encountered in my professional and personal life.



Aeroderivative gas turbines
Cfd modelling
Gas turbine engineer
Gas turbine maintenance supervisor
Heavy duty gas turbine
Performance analysis
Turbo compressors
Turbo machinery