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Joseph G. Tovlin

Texas, United States

Manager oil and gas explosion proof equipment at Miretti Italy

Status: Open to work

Masters Degree International Business

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I help organizations to meet and exceed their goals. I am solutions-oriented, versatile and energetic professional with experience in leading all aspects of sales, business development, and engineering projects from controlling costs and maximizing revenues to harnessing team strengths to improve companywide performance. I am an accomplished product engineer with a proven background in successfully enhancing operational strategies, planning and executing technical projects, and managing full product development lifecycles to maximize productivity and achieve manufacturing goals. I have excellent interpersonal and communication talent with an aptitude to clearly convey complex information and build consensus with key stakeholders, including high-value clients and executive leaders. I have both the hands-on practical engineering field experience combined with managing business level contacts on an international level. This combination makes for a successful product or application anywhere in the world.



Diesel and gas engines
Energy industry
International sales
Oil &gas
Project management
Renewable energy


Reduction in Greenhouse Gas flaring Emissions for Country of Nigeria

Technical Consultant, US Representative for Marine Vessel Procurement

Owner: LPG Africa

12 Jan 2021 - currently working. almost 3 years

I am serving as US Technical Consultant for LPG Africa, I lead the technical specification, procurement, negotiations and implementation of an initial 25 LPG barge fleet to transport converted flare gas into saleable product in Nigeria and nearby countries.

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Euro 5, Tier 4 Final, (land based) Tier 3 (marine) Hazardous Environment Engine Packages

I am responsible for marketing and implementing ISO/IEC 80079-41 for explosive atmospheres - part 41 for hazardous applications. The implementation of a global standard has been delayed due to Covid-19 issues

Owner: Various Diesel Engine Master Distributors

16 Jan 2013 - currently working. almost 11 years

I direct primary communication, contract management and implementation of Euro 5, Tier 4 Final and Tier 3 (marine) electronic engines for Class 1 Division 1, Zone 2, Class 1 Division 2, ATEX, USCG and BSEE standards. I administered the design and implementation of the first Tier 4 final hazardous location emission engine applications for world consumption.

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Diesel Markets Global Applications

Various engineering, management and international sales roles in the 22 years and 8 months I was with Stewart and Stevenson

Owner: Various Worldwide Clients

03 Apr 1995 - 17 Nov 2017. over 22 years

I implemented both the costing sheets for various equipment for a uniform company quotation system and oversaw any type of product you could put behind a Diesel engine driver

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