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KwaZulu Natal, South Africa

Solar technician and seller marketing at Thular Moya Energy

Solar technician install

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Good day to all people .

My name is Christophe kasendwe

I am solar installation technician with more expensive experience in solar. I install all kinds of inverters. I know almost 70%. Inverters and I have install them. I install pv panels and battery, inverter and solar pump. I am good in solar and I am qualified electrician with trade test certificate industrial engineering and I have done 50 % of COC which means certificate of compliance which can help the company to sign all COC.

I have been trained in various training as :

PLC programming and design

Pneumatic cylinder system

AC driver programming services

Electrical wiring diagram and all industrial sequences .

I design and wiring all motors sequences...

Thanks for more information contact me on [email protected] or +27739743008 South Africa.

Skills (Expertise):

Solar energy technician


Micro inverter 35 kW

Project manager

Owner: Devin Hosborn

17 Dec 2020 - 19 Dec 2020. 2 days

KwaZulu Natal, KwaZulu Natal, South Africa

We are preparing to install 35 kW which can help the city and the government ...

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Solar energy technician

Solar Energy Design and Implementation

Solar Energy Maintenance

Solar invertrer

Solar Mounting System

Solar pump

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