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Shaun Matthee

Linquip Level: Advanced

Mpumalanga, South Africa


My passion has always been to provide a service that is unparalleled in the market. I feel that this goal has been achieved at Solar backup. Some of my Solar related Skill sets include: - Solar System Design - Knowledge about Solar Batteries - Power Management - Grid Tie Systems - Off Grid Systems - Household energy needs vs Solar energy production - Power Concepts - DC Coupled Systems - AC Coupled Systems - MPPT's - Wiring Fundamentals and SANS 10142-1 regulations - NRS 2017 implementation / Regulations - Electrical Diagrams - Mounting System Technology - Protection equipment - Lightning protection - Charge Controllers - Victron Inverters (Multiplus and quattro) - Generator connection with inverter systems including Victron Energy - Three phase and parallel inverter systems


Renewable Energy



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Renewable Energy Systems
Solar Energy
Solar Energy Design and Implementation