Ameer Burdi

Linquip Level: Intermediate

al-Madinah, Saudi Arabia

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Graduate Chemical Engineer with Seventeen (17) years of diversified experience of Coal Gasification & Purification of gas , Ethanol Refinery, Bio Gas plant, Salt Refinery and Chemi viscose fiber petrochemical plant with different capacities of Reverse Osmossis plants and supervise the commissioning and Operations activities of Shell & Tube type Boilers and other Utiities required at plant like Instrument-air,Referigeration-Unit & Softening-water treatment Units.Participate in limited & Open tenders for purchase of Machinery and Equipments and involved in technical Evolution.

Currently Working as Project Engineer with KEMYAN Chemical Industries Yanbu, kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Worked as a Senior Engineer(Project) At Coal Gas Purification Thar Coal Power Plant Pakistan.

Worked as Erection, Commissioning and Operation Engineer at Unicol Ethanol Refinery Ltd MirPurKhas Pakistan.

Worked as Engineer in Hub-Pak Salt Refinery ISO and HACCP certified organization

Worked as Commissioning and Process Engineer in Chemi viscose fiber petrochemical plant

Worked as Inspection Engineer of Purification Plant of M/S Tangshan Lead Horse Energy Technology Equipment CO., Ltd. China

Worked as Inspection Engineer of Syn Gas Generators of M/S Shengli Oil CO., Ltd. China

Skills (Expertise):

Testing and installation


Installation of equipments and Operations of different plants

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