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Kwame Bradshaw

Linquip Level: Advanced

Christ Church, Barbados

Status: Open to work

International Management


Kwame Bradshaw has led a successful career as an Air Traffic Control Officer for the Barbados Civil Aviation Department where he is responsible for the safe, orderly, and expeditious flow of air traffic. On a mission to create sustainable renewable energy solutions for air travel, he is focused on improving “Green” connectivity and creating innovative and effective business solutions. Kwame holds a Civil Aviation License from the Barbados Aviation Training Centre inclusive of Instructor ratings dedicating nearly two decades working in the Aviation and in addition has done substantial work in the Energy, and Business Management industries. Kwame additionally has professional experience previously employed as both a Project Manager and Systems Analyst giving him unique insight into what truly drives change at the social, national, and business level. As a gender rights activist and current Public Relations & Communications Officer of the Men Empowerment Network Support organization, Kwame has had the honor of partnering on numerous initiatives to discuss the rights of men and empowering individuals to seek their maximum potential. Kwame has also had the honor of providing Master of Ceremonies Services on many ceremonial occasions such as book launches and award ceremonies. He is a proud alumnus of the University of the West Indies where he earned a Bachelor of Science in International Management. He loves being active both in mind and body and spends a lot of time finding creative and effective ways to better himself



Information Technology
International Management
Project management
Renewable energy
Renewable Energy Systems
Risk Assessment
Sustainable Aviaition Fuel
Sustainable Energy Management