Héctor Javier Vegas Álvarez

Linquip Level: Advanced

Carabobo, Venezuela

Lead Process Engineering at Pdvsa Petròleo SA

Bachelor degree in chemical engineering

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Skills (Expertise):

project management

Refineries , Oil


Oil &gas

Oil &gas


Lead Process engineering

Owner: PDVSA

01 Oct 2004 - 01 Aug 2015. almost 11 years

Engineering, procurenment and construction of new facilities for el palito refinery in order to increase the current capacity from 140 kbd to 280 kbd. The new facilities include a new distilation train, new CCR, new DSL HDT and new VGO HDT units. Also are included new auxilliary units such as ARU, SWS, SRU, HPU and new utilities.

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Lead Process engineering and project coordinator

Owner: Pdvsa

01 Sep 2015 - 01 Jan 2020. over 4 years

Installation of new facilities into El Palito refinery in order to upgrade the products quality keeping the sane capacity.

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