Derick Westerhuis

Linquip Level: Advanced

Noord-Holland, Netherlands The

Sales Engineer at SMC Corporation

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As a team player, I was partly responsible for the design of pneumatic and hydraulic systems, I solved malfunctions for the service delivery sector and/or work shop and assisted internal and external sales with specific items. By analytically looking at the extent of the failure, I applied potential improvement opportunities and assist with booking out of parts through the SAP system. All work is done according to ISO standards and safety procedures. My responsibilities included a final report, communication with the customer to confirm satisfaction of work or product supplied, followed by invoicing and checking of the account ledger.

• 4 years Sales Engineer

• 9 years Technical Sales Representative -

• Product Knowledge

• Cross-reference of products - Technical knowledge to make necessary choice or change

• Various industries experience - specific solutions and an optimal production process

Skills (Expertise):

Automation systems

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Techincal support

Machine design

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