Mohammed Abdulwahab Alhossainy

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Ibb, Yemen

Solar PV designer and installer at Self-employed

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Bachelor’s in Applied Physics(Industrial)

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Solar PV Designer and installer with 4+ years of experience. Holds more than 200 specialized training hours in the field of solar energy, I installed more than 15 solar PV system projects with a total capacity of 242 kW, I have 2 published researches in the field of renewable energy. Adept in handling of electricity AC/DC, and proficient at sizing and design of solar PV (off-grid, on-grid, hybrid, and water pumping) systems, as well as install and operate their components. Proficient in sketchup & skelion, PVSol, PVsys and CAD. An autonomous worker committed to providing high quality services. and in possession of a Bachelor’s in Applied Physics(Industrial)..

.I am interesting in humanitarian, social work, training and self-development .

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Solar PV





Solar PV design engineer

Solar PV Installer



Mohammed Abdulwahab Alhossainy

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My design for a 74 kw solar power plant, to operate two water pumps with a consumption power of 60 hp per pump. The mounting structure is movable with manual tracking of type

(Azimuth Rotation Single-Axis)


The system is carefully designed, so that it enjoys sunlight for 7 hours and 45 minutes on the worst days of the year without occur of any shadow, with the vacancy of the least possible land area in the target site.