Hsu Tsan Chung

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Texas, United States

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Currently, I can cooperate with your company in the fields of Global Project Funding. I am ready, willing and able to arrange financing for the projects proposed by your company around the world from $1 USD Million to $10 Billion USD.

Term: 1-20 Years, up to 5 yrs. Grace Period

Rate: 1-4.5%, Simple Interest

Once We receive and review the Business plan/executive summary of the project owner, We will issue an official LOI (Letter of Intent involving Summary of Terms and Conditions of Process of Financing within (3-7) seven working days, whether the project value is $ 1 Million USD or $10 Billion USD

I would like to hear from you, if at all possible so we can discuss the below. [email protected]

- Loan Procedures & Intake for funding.

- Broker on boarding if you are a broker representing the borrower.

- Answer any questions you may have.

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