Parikshit G. Shastri

Linquip Level: Intermediate

Land Hessen, Germany

Process Consultant at Polysius

M.Sc. Chemical Engineering

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I am a chemical engineering graduate who helps companies to develop sustainable production processes using CCS and CCU so that they can reduce emission-related costs and increase revenue. Recently, I completed my Master Thesis on carbon capture using Oxyfuel Process for "Green" cement production.

Through the intensive work during my research and industrial internships, I have developed confidence and competence to handle Process Design and Development tasks especially in the field of Carbon Capture and Power to X Processes (For example- Green Methanol Production, Green Cement Production, etc). I am passionate about the new technologies that are drastically changing the approach of designing safer, efficient and sustainable industrial plants and production processes.

Luckily, I am obsessed with staying organized and I am up to the technical challenges that come up in the task force at research laboratories/organizations. My working technique involves developing interactive process calculation sheets using Excel-Macros. I speak business fluent English and German.

Outside of work, I am an event organizer. Having managed different roles from a junior-level volunteer to a core-committee member, I can effectively organize technical, management and intercultural events. Equally important to me is debating and learning a foreign language. Such extracurricular activities have instilled in me a strong sense of team spirit and compassion!

Skills (Expertise):

Process design

Process development

Technology evaluaition


Chemical Process Engineering

Cement Technologies

Carbon Capture

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