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Roni Czerwinski

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


Over 15 years experienced, especially in Drilling and Completion Fluids, Chemical Engineering and Environmental Management, at companies such as Fundema – Brusque, Newpark Drilling Fluids, MI-Swaco Brasil and Nalco Brasil. Planning and execution of drilling and completion fluids activities in onshore and offshore platforms. Fluid manufacturing and maintenance of fluid properties, carrying out laboratory tests and specifying materials and equipment resources, developing timelines and contingency plans on oil rigs. Implementation of personal, environmental and property security measures and management of inputs and process improvement. Customer service for treatment of industrial water and wastewater, field analysis, improving air quality and developing new customers (technical sales). Responsible for teaching chemistry classes and laboratory practice for high school classes, ensuring the full assimilation of the content by the students.



Chemical engineering
Environmental engineering
Offshore operations
Oil &gas