David Leonardo Parra Ortiz

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Santander, Colombia

Msc. Renewable Energy at Soltec-Ing S.A.S.

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Entrepreneur and independent consultant, candidate for Master of Science in Renewable Energy from the Yucatan Scientific Research Center and a fellow of the National Council of Science and Technology of Mexico, works on research focused on biogas production processes from residual biomass. Mechanical engineer from the Industrial University of Santander - Colombia. Diploma in sizing and operation of photovoltaic solar systems from the Industrial University of Santander and Solar Energy International. Works as an independent alternative energy project engineer. Worked in the Coordination of Physical Plant as a Professional of the Industrial University of Santander - Malaga, planning, coordinating and executing Investment Projects such as the acquisition of laboratory equipment, infrastructure works and the determination of the needs for the Infrastructure Master Plan. He has been part of RedBioLac since May 2020 as the colaborator of the working group on small-scale biodigesters.

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Mechanical engineering

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Electrical conversions and renewable energies ceer

Solar Energy

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