Ajee Kamath

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Maharashtra, India

BE mechanical

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Inventor-globally patented 'RVCR Kinematics concept'.

Pioneer -RVCR concept based 'Zero-Carbon' technologies.

Entrepreneur commercializing RVCR Clean-tech proposition.

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Mechanical engineering



RVCR is a globally patented invention in 'Mechanism of Energy conversion'. The 1st prototype motor based on the concept is underdevelopment. RVCR kinematic leads to a new breed of next gen high efficient green machines


Ajee Kamath

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#P1 Hello everyone, This is Ajee Kamath founder GYATK - inventor of the RVCR concept in 'Mechanism of Energy Conversion. I recently joined the group. At GYATK we are engineering RVCR concept based newer Zero Carbon technologies. Explore the immense possibilities with RVCR - a new paradigm in climate technology @ Please feel free to contact me for more