Steve Chan

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California, United States

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Dr. Steve Chan is a data scientist and multidisciplinary engineer with both technical leadership and field experience. He currently serves as Scientific Chair for various companies within the industrial equipment and critical infrastructure ecosystem. Previously, he served as Director of the IBM Center for Resiliency & Sustainability and Vice President/Chief Innovation & Strategy Officer for the IBM Safer Planet & Smarter Cities Division.

His experience is drawn from his engagements in over 33 countries and having served as a reviewer for 22 peer-reviewed publications (e.g., 3 IEEE/IET journals and 6 IEEE conference proceedings), speaker at more than a hundred venues (e.g., National Research Council of the National Academies), as well as author of 53 refereed papers, which include 20 energy-related IEEE papers. Other experiences include the Francis Bitter Magnet Laboratory (formerly a national laboratory), Brookhaven National Laboratory, and Oak Ridge National Laboratory.

Skills (Expertise):

Electrical power distribution

Energy resiliency