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Saeid Nazari

Linquip Level: Expert

Alberta, Canada

Process Engineer at Abadan Petrochemical complex


8 years experience in process design, operation and maintenance in petrochemical plants... 4 years manager experience in Mineral water production and Food industry... Continued Chemical Engineering Master's degree, Montréal, Canada... Proficient in English and French.



Vinyl Chloride Monomer (VCM) Production
- maintenance scheduling and cost planning
Activated carbon filters
Air compressors
Chemical cleaning
Chemical Process Engineering
Chloralkali process
Cooling tower
Equipment sizing
Ethylene Dichloride (EDC) Production
Heating and cooling systems
Petrochemical Process Design
Petrochemical projects
Pressure Vessels, Heat Exchangers, Columns
Process design
Process development
Process piping
Process simulation
Project engineering
Project management
Project planning
Quality control
Reverse osmosis
Steam boiler
Valve design
Water filtration and treatments
Water treatment


Process Engineer

03 Apr 2004 - 03 Mar 2011. almost 7 years

Developed PFD, P&ID and Heat and Material balances; performed equipment sizing for pump, column and sand filter; and developed control valve, PRV and Rupture disk sizing... Prepared equipment data sheets, product raw materials and chemicals specifications... Scheduled annual overhaul of equipment... Replaced floating valve trays of EDC dehydration column, rectangular valve trays of both HCl column and VCM column and Ceramic 3Y Rings of Oxychlorination unit Quench column... Replaced Direct Chlorination product Heat Exchanger... Installed new Hydrogen Chloride (HCl) heat exchanger in VCM unit and gas pollution detectors in EDC/VCM units to record and to report the data... Optimized water clarifier pre-treatment system to adapt to changing/ critical condition as Persian Gulf salt water came up river as the land subsided as a result of excessive ground water pumping); the salt content had increased with total dissolved solids (TDS) up to 20,000 ppm; performed numerous Jar Tests with different Chemicals in different condition; reduced TDS to less than 250 ppm... Researched and proposed modernization projects which included replacing Sand Filter with Activated Carbon Filter in Reverse Osmosis unit; changing RO Membranes using DOW FiLmtec membranes; installed a Heat Exchanger in RO unit... Performed chemical cleaning services... Developed safety specifications, HAZOP and employee guidelines in order to maintain safe operation... Evaluated contractors/ suppliers; addressed equipment trouble shooting in multi-discipline teams...

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Process Engineer

01 Apr 2000 - 01 Apr 2004. about 4 years

Determined causes of the production problems; implemented drinking water treatment systems including a Reverse Osmosis Unit, two parallel sand filter systems, and an ultraviolet purification system... Researched suppliers; upgraded/ acquired affordable/ reliable automated bottling and packaging equipment... Modifications allowed plant to produce Iran’s highest quality water levels; responsible for client satisfaction... Develops marketing plan and monitors monthly to ensure sustained revenue growth and achievement of marketing goals... Control and minimize expenses including labor, overtime, waste, repair expenses, etc.

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Process Engineer

01 Feb 1999 - 01 Mar 2000. about 1 year

An Oxygen/ Nitrogen Production Plant was being built/ installed in cooperation with Russians firms... The plant’s materials/ equipment had been delivered to Iran a few years before installation began; some of the equipment had deteriorated during years of outdoor storage... Involved during the installation phase; responsible for corrosion inspection, equipment inspection, process safety management, new staff training; some of the equipment had to be replaced due to deterioration.

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