Fajar Maulana

Linquip Level: Intermediate

Jawa Barat, Indonesia

Engineering SMT Programer at PT. SMT Indonesia


Followers: 1Followings: 0


I have experience on :

1. Equipment Engineering

- Final Test Machine (Mesurement Optical)

- Hollowfixing Machine

(Optical Glass Mounter)

2. Engineering SMT Program (Chip Mounter)

- Create CAD parameter XY data

- Create SMT chip mounter program

- Optimization of the SMT chip mounter program

- Production process control

3. Ms. Office

- Make a data report to Japan and to all related departments

- Creating a Bill of Material to be continued to the PPIC department

with the experience I have, I will apply and develop it for the quality of production and the progress of the company

Skills (Expertise):

Programing SMT Chip Monter

Related Devices and Categories: