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Marco Sully Perez

Texas, United States

Director and Chief Executive Officer at PERMIAN BASIN PROPPANTS INC.

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Marco Sully Perez is the Director and Chief Executive Officer in Permian Basin Proppants Inc. The company is based in Midland, TX, United States. His key role are oil and gas extraction, mining, quarrying, oil sand mining. His company provide multiple services like Fracturing Proppants, US Railraod, Proppants Transloading. Marco Sully Perez is a military Vet.Marco Sully Perez was in 2 wars for the US NAVY, I served in Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom.Marco Sully Perez was an orphan growing up in California. Marco Sully Perez was bounced around with over 80 families my entire life as a child to teenager before I joined the Navy. After the Navy Marco Sully Perez went into oil and gas and started my company. Marco Sully Perez have been running my company now since 2017.



Director and Chief Executive Officer

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