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Massimiliano Gagliano

Firenze, Italy

Senior Product Manager at Baker Hughes


Experienced Leader with +25y working in the Energy and O&G industry. Strong steam turbine professional with a demonstrated history in Gas, Petroleum, Power Plants, Geothermal, Renewable and Product Development. Drove ST product line from "negligible" to "company relevant", via organic and inorganic plays, managing acquired & legacy products, impacting the business with 3-digit orders and 2-digit CM both in New Units & Services with dedicated production lines and licenses agreements in India and China. Key positions hold in leadership roles for commercial, product management, product licensing & partnerships, power projects development in addition to New Products programs management, product patents strategy, engineering and supply chain optimization. Coordinator within multinational companies Arbitrations and Court Litigations on partnership mismanagement and IP misappropriation.



International sales
Power generation
Product development
Product management
Sales engineering
Steam turbine
Steam turbine engineer

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