Devjeet Mandal

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Maharashtra, India

Founder & CEO at Mechmatrix

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> For companies doing CNC machining and Buyers/Dealers of CNC tooling , Carbide cutting tools and Tool Room Machinery; at Mechmatrix, we can help reduce your monthly sourcing costs by 30 %+.

> We drive: “Higher Machining Profitability per machine-hour.” for Companies into CNC Machining.

We facilitate companies into machining “Make More Money out of Machining” through process Optimization to help your Business become More Profitable for You.

> We believe in “Making our Customers More Successful in their Business” through our 20+ years of hands-on insight in the tool room and CNC manufacturing industry,

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Business development

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convenor and teacher

Owner: Devjeet Mandal

26 Jan 2021 - currently working. about 1 month

Successfully conducted over 28 batches of Skill Development workshops on CNC machining and shop floor productivity improvement techniques. May 2017 – Present Project descriptionWorkshops and training programmes on # basics of milling and turning technology # working with metal working fluids # better negotiations # improving returns on exhibitions & trade shows. #refresher course on cutting tools technology

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