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Zachee Gweth

Linquip Level: Advanced

Centre, Cameroon

Deputy Head of Production and Operations at SAFEWARE


My name is Gweth Zachée, full-time agro-industrial contractor and provider of industrial engineering solutions to companies and indviduals, to help them increase their competitiveness and ensure their sustainable development. With the signing in 2010 of the OHADA law (relative to the rights of cooperative societies), I launched into the popularization of this law by forming a group of volonteers, which led us to the creation of SOCOPASA, of SOCAD and UCCOOPADCAM which are cooperative societies. Laureate of the prestigious Advance School of Engineering of Cameroon in 2014, I created my first business in 2016 (‘GZ Engineering solution and consulting’ ETS) with for main activity the metal structure’s construction and supporting of small and medium enterprises of the country in the design, monituring and the realization of their projects. I started in 2016 in poultry production, which led to the constitution in 2019 of the COPAK coop-ca and in 2020 of the CAIF coop-ca .


Design, implementation and monitoring the project realization; implement a competitive marketing strategy, plan and organize the procurement and delivery activities of raw materials and finished products; look for new customers

Owner: Gweth Zachée

16 Mar 2016 - 20 Feb 2020. almost 4 years
2 Devices

The project consisted of setting up a poultry production unit with a capacity of 2000 subjects and a feed production unit with an annual capacity of 10,000 kilograms.

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Study and analyze the fermentation process of cocoa beans, propose a packaging method adapted to local realities, supervise and organize a team of 05 people

Owner: Ministry of Mines, Industries and Technological Development

28 Jul 2013 - 30 Sep 2013. 2 months

Study of the fermentation process of cocoa beans, design and manufacture of fermenters.

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