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David Fredette

New York, United States

Boat Owner at David Fredette



Marine Engineer


Build to Suit 0.5 MW Marine Gas Turbine


Owner: David Fredette

19 Jan 2023 - currently working. 8 months

- I need a marine gas turbine, with it's respective PTO reduction gears assembly. - 0.5 MW gas turbine engine - The gas turbine will be used to power up a 25 foot Steiger Craft Boat. Hence, by turning a propeller. - It will use propane/natural gas, or diesel fuel. - I am the owner of the vessel. - The timeline is 6-12 months. - Regulatory Approval Process: N/A - 60 HZ - I, David Fredette, am funding the project. - The boat is, presently, dry docked, in East Moriches New York (Long Island), close to the Moriches bay. - No carbon requirements. - The name of the boat is "Cassablanca".

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