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al-Aghwat, Algeria


Scs turbomachinery overhaul maintenance services and shutdown operations and manpower solutions Our capabilities and manpower solutions are under your services for any urgent request to move at site For any kind of machines and for different types of : Heavy Gas Turbines (11,185 kW and Larger) Alstom GT 8/11/13 Alstom GT24/GT26 GE LM1600 GE LM2500 GE LM6000 GE LMS100 GE Model 5000 GE Model 6000 GE Model 7000 GE Model 9000 General Electric GE-10 Hitachi H-25 Kawasaki L20A Mitsubishi MF-111 Pratt & Whitney Power Systems FT8 Rolls-Royce Industrial RB211 Rolls-Royce Industrial Spey Rolls-Royce Industrial Trent Siemens SGT-400 Siemens SGT-500 Siemens SGT-600/700 Siemens SGT-800 Siemens SGT5-2000/3000/4000 Siemens Westinghouse SGT6-3000/5000/6000 Solar Titan Heavy Industrial & Marine (I&M) Gas Turbines: Design and Development Light Gas Turbines (Up to 11,185 kW) Daihatsu DT Series Dresser-Rand KG2 General Electric GE-5 Kawasaki M1A/M1T Series Kawasaki M7A Kawasaki S1/S2 Series MAN TURBO THM 1200/1300 Mitsui SB5 Optimal Radial Turbine OP16 Pratt & Whitney Power Systems ST6 Pratt & Whitney Power Systems ST18/ST40 Rolls-Royce 501-K Siemens SGT-100 Siemens SGT-200 Siemens SGT-300 Solar Centaur/Taurus Solar Mars Solar Saturn Turbomeca Makila TI Vericor ASE8 Vericor TF/ASE 40/50 Light Industrial & Marine (I&M) Gas Turbines SCS email address : scsenergy@outlook.com



Gas turbines overhaul maintenance services
Mechanical engineering

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