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Adefola Alowolodu, MSc

Ogun, Nigeria

Power Plant Maintenance Engineer at Independent


As a Gas/Diesel Turbine Maintenance Engineer, I have working knowledge on the general operation and maintenance of Gas/Diesel Turbine Power Plant for Electrical Power Generation. As a Solar panel and Inverter Installation Engineer, I have wide and working knowledge on Inverter & Solar panel Installations/Projects, and also, knowledge in the production of Printed Circuit Board (PCB) using viable software. Knowledge of AutoCAD, Antenna Simulation and Mathematical Coding//Programming using electromagnetic simulators in 2D and 3D View (MATLAB and CST software), Borescope Insection & Analysis, Vibration testing & Analysis, Web Design and hosting. The above-mentioned achievements have culminated in my past eight years professional experience and I’m also keen to apply strong and valuably transferable skills gained from previous & present employment, academic and extracurricular experience to anywhere I find myself.



Gas turbines overhaul maintenance services
Project management