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Arockia Fenil

Karnataka, India

Project Associate at Indian Institute of Science

Master of Technology


Three years of experience in leading multidisciplinary projects, engineering solutions for turbomachinery and fluid mechanics challenges with use of numerical modelling and experiments. Proficiencies include Turbomachinery design, Test Rig Design for turbomachines, Computation of turbomachinery flows, Flow measurements



Cfd modelling
Turbo machinery


Design and Development of a 6" submersible pump for domestic and irrigation purposes

Research Associate

28 Feb 2017 - 01 Apr 2019. about 2 years

Objective: To design a 5-stage mixed flow pump to deliver 15 lps of water up to 80 meters with a hydraulic efficiency of 80% • Design of impeller and diffuser blades using TurboDesign Suite based on selected blade loading • Impeller and diffuser design based on conventional Euler turbine theory and design correlation from standard texts. • Developing Matlab code to compute blade camber lines and meridional shapes, geometry preparation using Catia V5 • Performing computations to study pump characteristics and cavitation effects using Star CCM+ • Conducting experiments to validate computational results

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Design and construction of a horizontal test rig for 6" to 8" submersible pumps

Test Rig Design and Vendor Management

30 Apr 2018 - 01 Sep 2019. over 1 year

Objective: To design a test rig capable of measuring isolated hydraulic torque input to pumps, up to a speed of 4000 rpm with a drive power of 20kW • Design of test rig layout and piping, estimation of loads on bearing and selection of appropriate bearings • Design of mechanical assembly for the bearing & seal housing and drafting of engineering drawings for components to be manufactured • Selection and installation of flow measuring instruments and determination of associated uncertainty

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Design and Development of turbomachine for Supercritical Carbondioxide based Power Generation

Research Associate

30 Sep 2019 - currently working. almost 4 years

- Design of supercritical carbondioxide compressor for use in submgawatt power geneartion using AxSTREAM design tool - Performance estimation of compressor using CFD (ANSYS) - Design and performance evaluation of Labyrinth seal for supercritical carbondioxide application - Heat transfer analysis of Dry Gas Seal using ANSYS Fluent

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