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Kshitiz Agarwal

Dublin, Ireland

Site Service Director at Mitsubishi Power

Thermal Power (With option of Gas Turbine Technology)

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Expert in power generation with solid years of management experience. Entrepreneurial business leader with experience on multi/million euro projects. Proven Interpersonal skills in energy asset management and innovative business solutions. Turned around a 1.7+ million Euro lost business opportunity into a successful close. Positive attitude and focus on delivering projects within deadlines and budget constraints. Out of Box thinking benefited customer by reducing their downtime from 5 months to 45 days.



Clean energy
Contract negotiations
Energy industry
Gas turbine
Power generation
Project development
Renewable energy
Steam turbines
Thermal energy
Wind turbine

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Huntstown Power Station, LTSA

Project Support Engineer

Owner: Energia

23 Aug 2015 - 30 Mar 2018. over 2 years
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o Administered as the single point of entity between the customer and MHPS group on the commercial, business and engineering perspective for Huntstown LTSA’s worth €130M. o Chaired negotiation internally with the group of companies to study, design, execute and close any products, services or projects, vital for the future of the plants. o Successfully planned, executed and closed four medium planned and unplanned outages and a planned Major outage. o Established quotations and budgets for the transactional business. o Resolved 30+ operational issues and emergencies by synthesizing operational data and identifying root cause for intermediate countermeasure, ensuring the continuation of service, resulted in saving of LD’s worth over €500K and increasing availability to 98%. o Engaged and developed 15 vendors locally, providing training and knowledge sharing; which resulted in quick response time (especially during outages) and saving 18%.

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Great Island LTSA

Project Support Engineer

Owner: SSE

23 Aug 2015 - 30 Mar 2018. over 2 years
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o Coordinated the reporting process to keep customer and MHPS-EU management updated and develop strong partnerships. o Successfully planned, executed and closed four medium planned and unplanned outages and a planned Major outage. o Led project team based on management of KPI’s to measure staff performance. o Supervised Parts management team to carry out site inventory audit; identifying similar parts in both sites benefiting by reducing overall inventory by €200K+. o Accountable to draft, forecast and update both LTSA budgets and reported to senior management, leading to a 15% saving in first year. o Promoted and implemented best industry practice and local and MHPS-EU HSE Standard across the board, leading to 0 causalities in both power plants. o Finalised HSE documentation like RAMS along with coaching of both technical and non-technical team members.

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North Wall

Site Service Director

Owner: ESB

31 Mar 2018 - 29 Nov 2019. over 1 year
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o Chaired negotiation and managed the tendering project for Noth Wall Project In Ireland . o Successfully won tender for non-OEM 5 year contract for maintenance generating additional revenue of €43M.

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Post Failure 78 M Claim

Site Service Director

07 Jan 2019 - 19 Sep 2019. 9 months
1 Device

o Chaired “post failure” €78M claim dispute from technical/commercial and project management perspective; influencing legal, senior directors and proving to client the root cause was not attributable to our company, thus avoiding the case going to arbitration. o Motivated and led team of 50+ members during HSE risk identified on site, managing expectation of both customer and vendors with outstanding achievement of 0 claim raised and 0 causality reported.

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Ethiope Energy 2800 MW

Mechanical Engineer

22 Sep 2013 - 13 Aug 2015. almost 2 years
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• Engagement for engineering aspect to raise investment for 2800MW Combined Cycle Power Plant and Combined Cooling Heat and Power projects collectively valued around $1B. • Headed the selection of technology phase by auditing various suitable technologies, developing conceptual design and co-supervising EIA and feasibility studies. • Supervised a taskforce for shortlisting tenders.

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