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Soufiane Aklouche

Tibazah, Algeria

Lead Technical Adviser at General Electric (GE Power)


Having more then Eleven (11) years of experience in Power Generation, including Installation, Commissioning, O&M and Maintenance in GE (Gas, Steam & GEN), Alstom (GEN) & SIEMENS (Gas). Lead the Commissioning and O&M of the first Combined Cycle Power Plant Single Shaft (GE 109FB)@ 1200 MW in Africa, Hadjret Ennouss (Algeria), lead Intallation of Megadeal project Algeria (24X GE 209FA + 8 GE ST A10 + 2 GE ST D11), lead too many outage with deferent frames & inspection types of GE Gas Turbines & Generator equipments (F5P, F6B, F7F, F9FA & F9E)



Gas turbine auxilaries
Gas turbine operation
Gas turbines overhaul maintenance services
Heat recovery steam generator
Heavy duty gas turbine
O&m of steam and gas generation power plants
Power plant commissioning
Steam turbine engineer

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