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Eugene 'Buddy' Broerman

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Texas, United States


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Project Manager: Eugene “Buddy” Broerman, a Southwest Research Institute (SwRI) expert who holds several patents in reciprocating compressor technology, is leading the nearly $2.3 million effort to develop a Linear Motor Reciprocating Compressor (LMRC). The development of this work has led to improvements in the following areas which are applicable to many types of reciprocating compressors: Valves, Seals, Materials and coatings, Controls design, Innovative System design Specialty: Compressor and Pump Piping System Pulsation and Vibration Control - Multiple pulsation analyses (primarily reciprocating compressor piping) - Research and Development in the areas of piping pulsations (developed prototypes and commercial products), vortex-shedding (Strouhal) prediction, and LMRC (as noted above) - Developed novel designs and solutions for acoustic problems in pump piping systems - Mechanical FEA experience - Field pulsation/vibration evaluation experience - Thermal analysis experience



Pulsation Analyses
Pulsation analysis
Reciprocating pump &comp
Reciprocating compressor
Vibration Analyses
Vibration analysis


Principal Investigator

05 Sep 2014 - 04 Dec 2020. about 6 years

Designed, built, and tested a linear motor reciprocating compressor in a hydrogen compression test loop.

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If they're not worth maintaining, then they weren't worth building in the first place.

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Did you know high speed reciprocating compressors (>500 rpm) are used for hydrogen compression applications? We're analyzing one right now.

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Hermetically-sealed Linear Motor Reciprocating Compressor (LMRC) designed for the compression of hydrogen, but could be designed for other applications. --- I was going to post a video of it in motion, but Linquip won't let me.