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Dnyanesh Joshi

Maharashtra, India

Senior Engineer at M B Joshi Consultants

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I am a Mechanical Engineer by profession and education. I have done Masters in Thermal Engineering from IIT BHU, Varanasi. I am working as a Design Engineer at M. B. Joshi RAC Consultants. We work on challenging projects in the field of Industrial Refrigeration and Air Conditioning, which are usually not entertained by the Organised sector of the Industry. I design Refrigeration Systems. This includes various activities, such as Heat Load Calculations, Concept Design, Component Sizing and Selection (Selection of Refrigerant to suit the application, Selection of Compressor, Design of Condenser and Evaporator or other suitable Heat Exchangers, Fans, Material Selection, Pipe Sizing, Duct Designing, Filtration, and Pressurization), Air Flow Analysis, Testing of the System, Design of sustainable heating and cooling systems using alternative refrigerants, etc.



Heat exchanger
Heat transfer
Hvac design engineer
Thermal Fluids


Design of the Heat Pump system

31 Dec 2018 - currently working. over 3 years

Our customer intended to replace the old Diesel Fired Water Heaters with sustainable technology. We suggested and designed a High-Temperature Heat Pump Water Heater using CO2 as a refrigerant. The customer was interested in the simultaneous cooling from the Heat Pump. The ice bank tank was the most suitable solution and we designed the same.

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